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Why Omega-3/Cod liver oil?

Why do we need fish oil?

More than 12 000 tests have led to more than 6000 publications regarding the connection between Omega-3 fatty acids and good health.

Here we find articles concerning reduced learning-ability, reduced visual power, inflammation in tissues and joints, reduced immune-system, colitis, reduced fertility, intolerance to certain foods, edema, low metabolism, fat burning, behavioral problems, diabetes, depression and cardiac-caress-problems. All of these conditions have improved by taking Omega-3-fatty-acids.

How can a fish-oil have such an effect in so many areas? The answer to this lies in the cell. The human body contains billions of cells. The cell membranes consist mainly from fat. To be able to get nourishment in and garbage out, the cell membranes have to be soft.  For this work we need a variety of good fatty acids. There is a lot of fat in our body. For instance; the brain has 60% and the eyes 20% fat.

Omega-3 is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as the oil enhances the development of the child’s brain and vision. Furthermore Omega-3 will enhance cognitive development and ability to learn. It contributes to soft cell membranes and improves communication between all cells.

The Mermaids Omega-3. How to use it?

We need 1-6 gram fatty acids every day to maintain optimal health. There is no side effects by having big amounts.

Children, young people, adults, elderly and pregnants need different amounts. If you are diagnosed with a health problem, there are many different scientific tests made with giving patients big amounts of fatty acids: Alzheimer’s, Schizofrenia, ADHD, Psoriasis and ME, dosages up to 12 g.

Minimum recommended dosage is 1 spoon (5 ml) or 5 capsules that gives 1,25 gram Omega-3-fatty acids.

How do we know that we have got enough?

Dry skin is a highly visible sign of lacking fatty acids.

The chicken skin test: Nubbly skin on the back side of your upper arm, is a sign of lacking fatty acids.

The Omega-3 oils will convert into fosfolipids, that is the fat of all cell membrans. Your body will make a priority for the vital inner organs first, and then your skin will be the last organ to get the necessary fat. When your skin has become soft, you can take the Daily Recommended Dosage (DRD). Your body may need a long periode for filling up, sometimes up to one year.


PREGNANTS: 2 spoons(10ml) = 2,5 gram Omega-3 will meet the needs for both the mother and her baby.

BABIES          : From 4 weeks up to 6 months: 2,5 – 5 ml  daily (600mg – 1,25 g Omega-3)

CHILDREN   : 5 – 7 ml

ADULTS        : 5-10ml

SENIORS       : 5-12 ml

The average numbers in EU are frightening:

Children get: O,32 gram Omega-3 = 25% of recommended daily dosis

Adults get: 0,4 gram Omega-3 = 32% of recommended daily dosis

Natural, unconsentrated cod liver oil has 1,25 gram Omega-3 (5 ml).

Norwegian authorities recommend 5 ml (1 big tea spoon) cod liver oil daily. Now  EFSA (Food Safety Organ in EU) confirmed that there is no risk taking  5 gram per day (= 2 big tbls).

In Western Europe and in US there is an underuse of essenciell Omega-3-fatty acids and a corresponding overuse of painkillers due inflammatory diseases of many kinds.