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Havfruenes Marine collagen (30 pieces)

NOK 495.00

15% discount on subscription purchase

From: kr 842.00 every 3 months

Recommended dose: 1 bag daily – mixed out in liquid. One bag contains 5 g of collagen and 1.5 g of excipients. One package contains 30 bags. Contains vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin A, selenium, silicon, zinc and blueberries.1 pose inneholder 5 g collagen og 1,5 g hjelpestoffer.

The subscription involves a fixed delivery every 12 weeks – 1 package contains 1 month’s consumption.

The subscription can be changed, one can skip a transmission or cancel the agreement.

All messages must be in writing.



Collagen is a protein that stimulates the body’s connective tissue production. They are found in many forms in the skin, bones, tendons, cartilage, blood and teeth.

We need them to maintain agility, resilience, elasticity and strength in the skin and in the body’s various connective tissues that enclose internal organs.

Collagen works in various ways in the body. Between 25-30% of the body’s protein is collagen. Further, the skin consist of 70-75% collagen, the bones 20-30%, and the cartilage 50%.

The body even makes 50% of the amino acids in the protein and must have the rest, the so-called essential, through the diet. If you take a collagen peptide product, you will simultaneously supply the body with most essential amino acids. Collagen peptide is small fractures of collagen (3KD) that are easily absorbable.

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Weight 370 g
Dimensions 50 × 100 × 100 cm