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Mermaids is a woman business located in the middle part of Norway. We have for years been concerned with how to prevent disease and maintain good health. Our focus has been proper nutrition. As we got to learn about the health benefits of essential fatty acids, we have been looking for a quality oil, because we know that quality is the Alpha and Omega (!).

We found it in Norway.

Our product today is  Mermaids Omega-3, fresh fish oil made from genuine wild Lofoten arctic cod.

Our vision:
Healthy people in a healthy world.

Our goal:
Develop, manufacture and sell health food products of the highest quality marine raw materials from sustainable fishery.

Our Core values:
Make pure, natural, traceable, short-traveled and eco- friendly products.

Be an identifiable and honest business close to our customers and partners.

The story of Mermaids

I guess it all started out with the fact that Kari had to take a sick leave after decades with too much to do: full time job, conductor for two choirs and singer in another, in charge of a theater play, responsible for an old mother, etc, etc. Chronic headache, pain in muscles and joints, a gradually deformation of the joints in the fingers, always tired. Got anti-depressiva from the doctor, was nauseous and even more tired for a month. Also, it was not ok to sit in a chair day in and day out feeling sorry for one self.

That was the start of the rest of the life. Reducing symptoms with medication was not a long lasting solution. A regime of large doses vitamins, minerals, omega-3 capsules and half an hour’s walk every day was crucial for rebuilding. Health, mood and energy gradually returned.

During this period there was enough time to fully understand the implications of correct nutrition. In this period Svanhild finished her education as nutritional therapist in Denmark, and she arranged courses the whole winter through.

Both Karis attended these courses and  became more and more aware of the fact that “Food is your medicine”. When Kari then got in contact with Frank, an expert in producing fish-oil from fresh wild cod, the pieces of the puzzle fitted.

Frank also was the director of a team that should at all times orally test the quality of the oil (Functional Food-oils), and clearly stated that as with fresh fish, oil is also ment to be fresh, and if not, it is rancid and may be harmful to your body.  Svanhild wrote her thesus on oxidation of fish-oils with Frank as her consultant.

Our clinical psychologist Kjerstin had at that time had 5 children in 6 years, and she knew that the premature twins needed omega-3 for help normal development of the brain. It became crucial to us all to start our own company and to produce our own cod liver oil with a FF-quality, also as a protest to all the rancid Omega-3 products available in the market.

We had at that time cut in two parts more than 20 different capsules sold from different producers, and absolutely all of them were rancid and destroyed.

Our aim was to give a contribution in preventing disease instead of repairing it, and that quality at all times should come first.

In 2008 we sold our first bottle of Mermaids Omega-3, and we have increased our sales with 15-20% every year.

We have worked strictly on idealistic fundaments, reinvesting all profit back to the company. We have spent a minimum on marketing, the increase in sales are mostly based on the word of mouth.

Time has worked in our favor, people now being more and more concerned with food of the highest quality, and this food being local, traceable and eco-friendly. Our target group is the competent customer.

Mermaids customers:

Scandic Nidelven Hotel in Trondheim, which has been named the best breakfast table in Norway for years, selects Mermaids Omega-3. Organic food shops and specialty stores for gourmet food at Inderøy (The Golden Route), in Trøndelag and in the Oslo area, are selling Mermaids Omega-3. In addition, healthcare, nutritional therapists and quality-conscious individuals who shop online, are our customers.


Kari Øye, Svanhild Snipstad, Kjerstin Øye, Kari Mæle Løge