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 What is the difference between ordinary fish oil and the Mermaid Oil?

The main difference concerns the quality both in the raw material and the processed oil.

The cod comes from the Barents Sea, which is one of the purest sea areas in the world. The liver is fresh; only a few hours old when made into oil.

The liver is handpicked by specially trained people, has a bright/light color and smells fresh (like sea, not fish). When everything is optimal at the starting point, it means that the processing is gentler. These processes are often the cause for important parts of the Cod Liver Oil to be damaged.

The oil is never in contact with air, but is being protected by nitrogen both during production and tapping.

The environmental toxins have been removed using the most modern technology, and we are able to document that we have one of the purest product in the market.

The way it looks, smells and tastes will tell you about its quality.

For maximum durance we have chosen the best of antioxidants. Exquisite herbal oil contributes both with taste and works as an antioxidant. And, the result is: pure, tasty, natural fish oil with a hint of herbs.

Mermaids fish oil is a 100% local Norwegian product.


 Is there a connection between price and quality of Omega-products?

The different types of fish oil have enormous variety in quality and price. Capsules generally are more expensive than liquid oil. Many oils are mixed products, containing oil from sate, salmon, sardines and tuna fish.

The raw material comes from many sea areas, some of which are highly polluted.

Fish oil products in the market are either in a natural form, like triglyceride, or in a synthetic form like ethyl ester. The ethyl ester is cheaper to produce. For the human body the natural triglyceride is the best. In the country of Denmark all ethyl ester products are prohibited.

You can also check out if you pay the right price. Find out how many capsules you need to get the recommended doses, and compare the prices for 1 gram Omega3. Normal dosage is 1g (1000mg) per day.


How much Omega oil do we need every day?

We need 1- 6 grams of fatty acids every day. Children, youth, adults, seniors, healthy and pregnant all need different doses. If you are ill, depending on diagnosis, there has been many exciting test with fatty acids in larger quantities; in -amongst others- Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The normal doses is 1 tablespoon (5 ml) which will give you 1,25 gram of Omega fatty acids.


 Is it more effective if we use concentrate?

In a concentrate the oil is processed in a laboratory. To make concentrates the fatty acids will have to be taken off the glycerol stem. This process is intended for the body itself. In this form the oil is unrecognizable, and the body will not take full advantage of it. Omega products containing more then 33% Omega fatty acids are concentrates. Natural Cod Liver Oil has about 27% omega 3, 6, and 9, and has the correct proportion between the fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Recent Norwegian studies of concentrates given to salmon, shows cell damage in the fish.


Why can it be dangerous to use rancid oil or capsules?

The process concerning the capsulation of the oil represents a risk of oxidation.

Capsules are often made of animal-gelatin, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can be connected to this. Omega-capsules should be made of fish gelatin.


Why can it be dangerous to use rancid oil or capsules?

Fresh fish oil has a neutral taste and does not smell. Fish smell in Omega-3-products tell that the oil is oxidized, and that will harm your body. Oxidation will increase the attack from free radicals on the tissue and are the cause of many diseases and also premature ageing.

If in doubt whether the capsule you are taking is of high enough quality, simply cut it in two and smell the oil. Another way is to notice your reaction during the day, by burping or having a bad taste in your mouth. In this case it is oxidized and should not be used.


How do we know when we’ve had enough?

Dry skin is a visible sign that you are in lack of fatty acids. All cell membranes consist of fat. The body priorities the vital organs first, and then the skin will get access to these fatty acids. When your skin is soft, it’s a sign that your inner organs had their share, and so you can start on a regular doses.


Why are vitamin A and D, plus C and E important?

A, D and vitamin E belongs to the fat-soluble vitamins. The sun is our most important source to vitamin D. Those of us, who live far up north and have a long winter with not much sun, have traditionally gotten our vitamin D from fish, especially from Cod Liver Oil. Vitamin D is essential to be able to digest calcium and phosphor for teeth and bone-structure. It is also important in the fight against cancer. Recent studies prove that we need more vitamin D than anticipated. Children and the elderly need twice as much vitamin D as an ordinary adult. Sun lotion will prevent transformation of sunlight to vitamin D. This is also one of the reasons for taking Cod Liver Oil all year, not just in the months with the letter R.

Vitamin A is an important antioxidant and protects the cells against free oxygen radicals. We need it for our vision, all membranes, the immune system, and normal growth for embryo and child as well as for normal dividing of the cells. Too high dosage may be dangerous for pregnant women.

Vitamin E is our strongest antioxidant. Synthetic iron and p-pills reduces the absorption. Vitamin E has a positive effect on our circulation, nervous system and production of hormones. No danger of overdose.

Vitamin C is active in many of our bodily functions and is the best known and most important antioxidant and immune-booster. We need it for absorption and utilization of vit. A and E, in addition to calcium. It protects against and cleans out dioxins and heavy metals, and it protects against allergic reactions.

The herbal addition we use has an antioxidant effect in both the oil and the human. Fat gets rancid exposed to sun, air and heat. The fat in humans does the same. This is why taking good antioxidants are so important. By using poly-unsaturated fatty acids like fish-oil, it is necessary with high quality antioxidants.