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Fish oil for the whole family


Collagen - all natural


Committed to environmental sustainability


Science reported Omega-3



Havfruenes Tran

  • Minimum daily dosage of 5 ml = 1.25 g Omega-3
  • Natural oil from sustainable wild-cod
  • Good taste, burp-free
  • Cold-pressed

NOK 270.00


Havfruenes Marine Collagen (30 pieces)

  • Daily dosage of 1 bag = 5 grams of Collagen Peptide
  • Fish skin from wild Lofoten cod
  • Natural vitamins and minerals added for improved absorption
  • Nordic blueberry as an antioxidant
  • Can be mixed in all food and drink

NOK 495.00



Healthy people in a healthy world.


Develop, manufacture and sell health food products of the highest quality marine raw materials from a sustainable fishery.


Make pure, natural, traceable, short-traveled and eco- friendly products. Be an identifiable and honest business close to our customers and partners.


Incredibly happy that I found Havfruenes Tran, both on the basis of the philosophy behind the product, the production method, and that it tastes good. Can say with great certainty that I have found my omega 3 product for life! I recently tip a friend about your oil and she is also loving it. Thanks for a wonderful product - may you continue producing forever and ever!


Kristina Skjæveland

We are very happy with your cod liver oil! Not only because it is much better than "regular cod liver oil" but also because it does not have flavor. I couldn't give my little boy the usual fish oil because he choked on it and became hysterical. I felt it was completely wrong to force it in him. After our friend tip us about your fishoil, everything changed. Our boy opens his mouth at once he sees the spoon and thinks it tastes wonderful. We adults are also very happy! It is safe to say we will be regular customers for many years to come 🙂


Johanne Kristensen

I have always tried to take cod liver oil in the winter months, but I eventually became a little skeptical about the different products: Where did the fish actually come from, how fresh was the oil etc. It was difficult to know what was good and not, so when i came across a report about your company in "Ren Mat" I thought Yes, finally! First of all I think your oil has a very good at taste, and second of all, I think the value base you describe on the website is nice and reassuring. Since my father is also a newly retired coastal fisherman, I am well acquainted with the importance of good and fresh materials. It is also very nice to hear about and support such good local initiatives! Good job 🙂


Hejdi T.Ø. Moen

It is the only fish oil my daughter of 7 likes. She actually asks for more 🙂 and sees that it helps with eczema in the skin, rashes, and sun eczema!


Linn Hanevik

Having encountered some rancid products, I am increasingly aware of what products I buy. I also appreciate that the products are manufactured in Norway. .. We are very pleased! I think it's a big plus that the oil is burp-free 😉


Anne Marthe Harstad

I have NEVER taken the cod liver oil because I think it has tasted quite cruel, but when I tried yours one can really notice that it is quality! You do an incredibly good job. I can also say that my girls of 2 and 6 years old ask every breakfast if they can get candy oii:)


Astri Vikan Minsaas

I can't remember the last time I took an omega-3 supplement that didn't give me any problems, and I quickly got tired of eating herring and sardines for vitamin D. It is an extra nice bonus to able to support a small local company that doesn't base itself on farmed fish! Hallelujah! Wish you all the best going forward.



I have not found an equivalent product on the market and I became a mother a year ago. Now more than ever I want to give my daughter and myself the best preconditions and your product fits in there.


Elin Sjøstedt

I got your fishoil recommended from a friend who is a nurse. In the end, almost the whole maternity group started taking your fishoil! Good taste means that even the adults in the family use it, so we are very happy. In addition, it is locally produced.


Hanne Ulset

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