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The Omega-3/Omega-6 balance

Too much Omega-6 will lead to inflammations. Avoid junk food!

During the last two generations fat has been regarded as unhealthy both concerning obesity and heart conditions. We have been advised a low-fat diet. Food-industry has provided light-products and proclaimed these to be healthier.

Times are changing, and right fat of high quality is now accepted. The important thing today is to find the balance between saturated fat (animal-fat), mono-unsaturated (olive-oil) and poly-unsaturated fat (Omega-3-oils from fish and Omega-6-oils from plants).

Today many people get too much Omega 6 compared to Omega 3. For most grown-ups a well-balanced proportion between the two is 1:1 (Omega 3: Omega 6). Your body can manage 1:3-4, but today the proportion is 1:6-7. This amount of unbalance often will lead to inflammations.