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For the Mermaids it is crucial that our standards are followed in all our activities.
We will take environmental responsibility for our products.

Our community assignment

It is important to us being aware of the relationship between preventive health, the environment and socioeconomics and the sustainability of this. Our mission is also to inform about the value of fresh and clean foods and supplements with raw materials from the ocean.
Our goal is to have a transparent business that is 100% sustainable both environmentally and socially. We focus on Norwegian, short-listed raw materials from sustainable fishing, good utilization of by-products of Arctic cod: cod liver oil/ Omega-3 from the liver and collagen from the skin. Our next product is fish bone minerals. Processing takes place in local communities in northern Norway and in Inderøy.
The reason why we started was a protest regarding all bad Omega-3 products. We experienced cheating, dishonesty and false information from the industry, acquisition of competitors and advertising that conveyed untrue health claims, etc., etc. No one likes to be fooled.


Well-regulated fishing

  • Norwegian fisheries management has been the best in the world over the last 30 years. The quotas are strictly regulated. Because of this, the stock of Norwegian skrei increases, and in February of 2017, more fish than ever could be harvested.
  • The traditional Lofoten fishing takes place annually and the fish are caught along the coast by local fishermen with self-owned boats, where the fishing methods are strictly monitored.
  • The fish is taken care of in the local communities in northern Norway, and this is a very important prerequisite for settlement and viable communities.
  • In Norway we have the best commodities right outside our doors, in world context this is local food, while trawlers owned by capital companies operating in the big oceans are providing food with environmentally big footprints.
  • Norwegian authorities have good working conditions for all workers, while much of the oil produced outside the country has very bad working conditions for fishermen and employees in fish oil factories.
    High quality products.
  • The Mermaids Tran is extracted from the liver, Mermaid’s Marine Collagen from the skin, Mermaid’s Marine Minerals from the bones. We thus use parts of the fish that would otherwise been considered as waste. Fish meat is nutritious and important human food.
  • Fish and fish oil should be fresh materials, and therefore it is a essential that the raw material is being processed quickly. Fresh food has greater health benefits than rancid and bad food.
  • Our fish oil supplier holds the following certificates:
    a. MSC-Cerified Sustainable Seafood. The MSC approval gives the company the right to apply for the MSC eco label to fish and fish products within their scope of certification
    b. Fishing of the cod used for the fish oil is in complience with Friend of the Seas Criteria for Sustainable Seafood, fished in FAO 27, is using Danish seine.
  • Food traceability is important. The correlation between short-term profit, poor food quality and the lack of social and environmental sustainability is becoming more and more obvious.

Environmentally friendly wrapping

  • Packaging for all our products is environmentally friendly: Glass Bottles for Mermaid Tran and Paper Bags for Mermaid Marine Collagen. All packaging boxes are brown / unbleached and made from recycled paper produced in Norway.
  • Transparent business with traceable products
  • We have a business that is transparent. Our ethical guidelines have been in place from the very beginning and are being followed. They are not only adorned and come in as make-up to satisfy the market and give the company a good reputation.
  • People want to know where their food comes from. All our products are traceable.


The Mermaids’ House in Inderøy

  • According to our environmental profile, we have built a «green house». It is a low-energy house in wood with wood fiber insulation and rock heat as our source of heat. This choice has given us an additional cost of 10%. When the company has the financial capability to install the latest technology in solar heating, we will implement this. Rock heat reduces electricity consumption by 80% and reduces CO2 emissions by more than 2000kg per year. The house does not have plastic in the walls; it breathes.
  • A large conference room on the 2nd floor overlooking the beautiful Straumen, gives us the opportunity to hold lectures on sustainabilityl; from small local actions to big global connections.