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The Product

Mermaids Omega-3 is one of  top three Omega-3-products in NORWAY in the Health Magazine VOF no. 4/2012, the only one from wild fish. 

Mermaids Omega-3 is tested by the State laboratory Nofima.

The product is a Functional Food- oil (FF-oil), a food oil without smell and taste. It is freshly squeezed and therefore of the highest quality.

Key Concept for a fish oil of high quality: Fresh raw material – cold water – fast processing – never in contact with air



Fish oils should be as fresh as fresh fish. Liver used in Mermaid Omega-3 is fresh, only a few hours old when it is pressed into oil. Once the fishing boat comes ashore, the liver immidiately  transported to an oil factory close by. Therefore it can get a more gentle treatment and become a more stable oil. (It is not boiled for several hours to remove several rancidity).  Mermaid Omega-3 FF-oil is a food oil quality and has never been rancid. In order not to turn rancid / oxidize, it is protected by nitrogen in all stages during production.

Mermaids oil is quality assured from the sea to the table (certificate of analysis).


Fresh oil has no smell or taste of fish. We have added an organic thyme oil to prevent oxidation in the oil and in the body.

A fishy smell in Omega-products tells that the oil is rancid,  which is not good for your body. Oxidation increases the attack from free radicals on the body tissues, lead to vitamin C and E deficiency and is cause of a variety of diseases and premature aging.


The more natural a supplement is, the better the body takes it up (high bioavailability). Artificial ethyl esters and concentrates have not the same bioavailibility because the molecules are changed. Omega 3-oil naturally contains tristearin (which can be seen on the bottom when the oil is cold). We have decided to keep this tristearin to prevent the oil from becoming less stable and more prone to damage. The tristearin also provides an extra health-effect. Our oil is made so that the body can easily recognize and make use of the Omega-3 fatty acids. Mermaids Omega-3 has not synthetic vitamins or other synthetic additives.

You get OMEGA-3 in an unmanipulated fish oil in addition to the important vitamin D.

Mermaids oil is natural and easy accessible for the body.


Fish oils must be cleaned of contaminants. EU rules do not allow more than 2 pikogr/g.  Mermaids Omega-3 has 0.2 and is among the cleanest on the market. (Chicken, for instance, 1.0). The Barents Sea is one of the cleanest oceanic areas on earth, and the cod from here have a naturally low content of environmental toxins. Mermaids oil exceeds all national (Norwegian) and International standards for environmental requirements. The result is an ultra pure product.


The raw material in Mermaids Omega-3 comes from the arctic wild cod, and with full tracability back to the local fishing boat. many Omega-3 products are mixed products, difficult to trace, end most of them have their origin from anchoveta outside  South America. EU has for years tried to make restrictions on these oxidated oils.


Norwegian fishery is well regulated by the Norwegian Government. Fish oil made from the liver is a good way to using all parts of the fish ,not only the fish meat, that should go directly to human consumtion. You get local food, and the value chain will be in the Arctic of Norway . That will keep the Norwegian coastal traditional Lofoten Fishery alive, and new generations will live up north.


Mermaids Omega-3 is a food grade fish oil(FF-oil/Functional Food oil). This unique, fresh oil is ordinary used for Omega-3 enrichment in food, like milk, butter etc. We are the only company bringing this healthy drops bottled and brought directly to the consumer. Mermaids Omega-3 has ca.27% Omega-3 (12% DHA og 8% EPA). We have chosen to keep the sterin fatty acid, because it is a natural part of cod liver oil, and also because it makes the oil more stabil against oxidation/rancidity.


When stored dark and refrigerated, unopened bottle lasts to the printed date. An opened bottle lasts for about 6 weeks in the refrigerator.Like fine olive oil, it needs some minutes in room temperature to get clear. Unopened bottles may very well be frozen.

If you are ever in doubt whether the capsule you are taking is of good enough quality, simply cut in half and smell and taste the oil.