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Academic Facts

1. Omega-3- oils.

EU’s approval of claims on Omega-3. EFSA. read here

2. D-vitamin

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3. The brain.

Amazing New Ways Fish Oil Saves Your Brain

Up from Eden: Why Your Brain Demands Omega‑3 Fat

Since the dawn of mankind, an essential fat, called omega‑3, has injected vitality into human brains. It is the stuff that enabled us to finally rise above the other species and create rich civilizations, says Michael Crawford, Ph.D., eminent British authority on brain nutrition at the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, the University of North London. Dr. Crawford points out that for several million years, evolution of the hominid brain was stuck at a small size of 400‑500 grams, a mere pound. The main reason: Early man in landlocked areas of Eurasia lacked the omega­3 fat from seafood needed to spur brain cell growth.

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4. Rheumatisme

Rheomatoid arthritis: Summaries of the latest research concerning fish oils and rheumatoid arthritis.
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All references: Rheomatoid arthritis.

5. Heart

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6. Skin problems: Psoriasis, excema and skin problems

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 7. Immune system

Strengthen Your Child’s Immune System With Omega-3s?
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